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When dealing with roof damage or structural repairs in South Florida to prevent water damage, opting for a roof tarp installation is crucial. A roof tarp acts as a temporary barrier keeping water out and providing time for interior repairs or construction without the threat of further damage. In the event of roof damage a tarp effectively stops water infiltration reducing potential harm and the risk of mold growth. Experienced professionals must handle tarp installation due to its inherent dangers and the need for correct procedures.

Professionals ensure the tarp is securely in place providing maximum protection and guiding the next steps for restoring your Roof Repair Services.

Are you facing a roof leak or broken windows? Let us handle the full service repair of your roof or secure your windows with professional board up services.
With over a decade of experience specializing in emergency roof tarping and window board ups we have encountered a wide range of situations. Count on us to safeguard your property effectively preventing further damage. We are also equipped to handle any necessary repairs to your home or office.

Our Emergency Tarp Service includes

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Free Full Home Moisture Inspection (Interior)
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Commercial and Residential Roof Tarp Services

Tarping your roof provides an immediate defense until you can arrange for permanent repairs. If you have noticed roof leaks or water stains on your ceiling swift action is crucial. Don’t risk facing more damage with impending bad weather.
Full Service Pros offer a temporary solution until a professional roofing contractor can address the issue. We have tarped thousands of roofs ensuring proper installation every time. Unlike unreliable contractors we prioritize your safety and won’t compromise the integrity of your roof. For professional roof tarping services fill out the form below or call us today
In need of assistance with emergency roof tarping or window board up? Look no further Our team specializes in quick and efficient solutions to safeguard your property from further damage. With years of experience under our belt we have perfected the art of emergency repairs. Do not wait until its too late to contact us now for reliable assistance.

FAQs about Roof Tarping

Why should I get my roof tarped after it's damaged?
Its important to tar your roof after bad weather like storms or hurricanes. This helps stop more damage to your home. The tarps act like a big cover to keep out water, mold and more until you can fix the roof properly.
A tarp can last from a few weeks to a few months. But remember its just a temporary fix. It depends on the severity of the damage, the materials used and the weather conditions. Therefore it’s crucial to get your roof fixed permanently as soon as possible.
While you could try doing it yourself, it’s better to have a professional do it. They know what they are doing and can do it safely. Plus they have the right tools and materials to make sure it works well. It’s safer and smarter to leave it to the experts.

When You Need Roof Trap Services

Roof tarping and board up services are essential when unexpected events like severe weather or accidents damage your home. Here is when you might need these services:
Fire Damage

If a fire affects your home it may weaken its structure and create holes in the roof or walls. After putting out the fire, doing emergency board up and roof tarping can stop further damage until you make repairs

Flood Damage

Whether it's from heavy rainfall or a burst pipe flooding can weaken your home's structure. Roof tarps can cover holes caused by leaks while board up services protect against further damage to walls and windows.

Severe Weather

Strong winds, hail and tornadoes can cause significant damage to roofs, windows and siding. Roof tarping and board up services can help safeguard your home from additional storm damage.


Vandals may break windows or doors leaving your home vulnerable. Board up services secure entry points until replacements are installed.


From broken windows to vehicles colliding with your home accidents can happen. Roof tarping and board up services offer temporary protection until repairs can be completed.

Vital Solution for Unexpected Roof Damage

Sometimes unexpected things happen that call for Emergency Roof Tarp services in South Florida. This could be from a storm damaging your roof, trees or branches falling on your house or any sudden event causing roof problems that need immediate fixing. Roof tarping gives a temporary solution giving time to check the damage properly and get repair estimates. It also lets homeowners look into any other possible issues without things getting worse. Once the roof is tarped, interior repairs can start stopping further damage.

Professional Installation for Damaged Roof Tarps

Professionals should install a roof tarp when your roof is damaged and can’t be fixed right away. This helps lower the risk of more damage to your roof and inside your home from water. It’s not safe to try tarping your roof on your own, and doing it the right way is really important. Roof tarping is a good temporary fix to stop more harm to your home until permanent repairs can happen.

A damaged roof can be a big problem for your home, so taking quick action to stop water damage is really important. At Full Service Pros, we provide complete roof tarping and storm damage services. Our skilled team takes careful care and pays attention to all the details, making sure your property stays safe throughout the process. If you have an emergency or need help, just get in touch with us.