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Do you know clean buildings are equally prone to mold as old or ill-maintained buildings? Yes, sometimes the residents don’t even know that a secret guest is lurking in their walls, ceilings, and floors. So what should you do in such a case? Call Full Service Pros, and our team will conduct a thorough mold inspection to find the hiding problem.

We have expertise in running a detailed inspection and testing to find the core reason for mold growth in your property, residential or commercial. Our team uses the latest tools and equipements to detect hidden mold in the building that might cause severe health risks for your loved ones.

We understand the disturbing situations of mold growth, so we offer our specialized services 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, so you dont have to wait to have clean air in your place. Your one call will have our team head toward your location instantly, charging the nominal cost of mold inspection.

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Why Is This Inspection Necessary?

Mold spreads spores that can cause severe health hazards, triggering asthma and other respiratory issues. Black mold can be highly toxic. A minor spot of mold contains approximately 500k spores. A mold issue in one room can spread to a whole building, as spores can actively travel through air channels and HVAC systems and cross-contaminate the place instantly. 

Mold sickness can be a reason for itchy or watery eyes, nose and throat, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, cough and postnasal drip, wheezing, rashes, and more. You must call professional Mold Inspection and Testing services if you detect

Transparent Inspections And Reporting!

Our qualified team of Mold Damage Services will help you find the mold and guide you to get help from mold removal specialists. You cannot legally hire the same company in the USA for mold testing and remediation services. You have to call two separate companies. Our team will run a detailed inspection and leave the removal to the other company.  

In addition, our team will tell you the extent and kind of mold growth on your property. After providing the blueprint of potential mold problems in your building, we will leave the removal to another company. After the remediation process, our team will rerun the inspection to ensure the mold-free vicinity is maintained. 

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Your property is like a temple, and mold growth is like a devastating plague that will ruin your sanctuary, causing massive damage to its residents. You need durable Mold Inspection services to give you a white flag of living in a clean, healthy environment with your loved ones. 

Full Service Pros offers its vast services all over South Florida. Our motto is to help you live your dream life in a pristine place, ensuring health. Our Home Restoration Services are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring complete satisfaction. To get an appointment, visit our website now!