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In a state like Florida, you can face storms, floods, or hurricanes on a regular basis. Apart from other damages, one damage that can impact you the most is water damage. You have to look for durable and emergency water damage cleanup service providers to restore your property to its original state.

As your trusted company, Full Service Pro is here whenever you need water damage restoration, cleanup, and repair services. Our team has the expertise to find the core reason, fix it, and make your building functional again in a few days. We know that even a tiny amount of water can lead to major damage to your home. When you have a water damage emergency, call us. Our professionals are always nearby around the clock to help you.

Whether your property has seen a storm, flood, or hurricane, our team will do their best to make it like a new one again. With our expertise and modern tools, we can make any damp place dry and liveable again. Partner with Full Service Pros and witness the transformation yourself. 

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Our Specialized Water Damage Restoration Process

  • Shut off The Main Source – The first step of any water damage cleanup services is to detect the main water source and make sure it is completely stopped.
  • Identifying Type and Extent of Damage – We will inspect the building and assess what kind of damage has occurred, where it occurred and to what extent.
  • Evaluating the Loss – The evaluation stage involves assessing the type of water (Category 1, 2, or 3) and level of contamination, as well as deciding what stays and what goes based on those factors. 

Category 1 means clean water leakages that may happen in kitchens or toilet taps.
Category 2 is grey water, indicating leakage and flooding from the dishwasher and washing machine.
Category 3 is the black or most gross water coming from sewer lines. This water contains toxins, feces, and contaminations that can be severe health hazards for the residents. 

  • Water Removal – Once the situation has been assessed, it is crucial to begin water extraction immediately. Modern extraction machines are used to remove standing water, and evaporation machines are used to remove excess moisture.
  • Drying – Once the water is removed, we will start effective drying quickly and thoroughly. Our team will make sure that the structure and materials, like carpets or drywalls, must be thoroughly dried.
  • Antimicrobial Application – This is optional in all Florida water cleanup and removal situations but can be used in exceptional cases, depending on the level and risk of contamination.
  • Loss Mitigation – We will work with you to limit the potential for any additional damage in the future. Our preventive solutions include moving or raising furniture away from moisture. Moreover, we will secure or remove other belongings that could be influenced by prolonged exposure to excess moisture.

Why Are Water Removal And Restoration Services Necessary?

You may be thinking what is water damage cleanup and why it is essential. Structural water drying is a scientific process that requires professional training and specialized tools. Some companies and resources may claim an instant fix can be made on your building. This carries a massive risk as any residual water left after extraction still seeps into the walls and floors. 

A small amount of water can still cause damage to a property if left untreated. Even with proper drying equipment, the carpet takes 24 hours or more to dry. Moderately damp drywall can take 1 to 3 days. Hardwood flooring, ceilings, plaster, concrete, and wood may require 7 to 10 days to dry. Full Service Pros will analyze the situation and provide solutions that will benefit you for a long time.

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Living in flood-prone areas is not easy, it is a constant toll on nerves and pockets. You always look for trustworthy emergency water damage cleanup companies who will come and share your burden. A company that can guide you through all these problems and help you mitigate the situation efficiently.

Full Service Pro can be your partner in this situation. We are offering our water removal services all over South Florida. Our commercial and home restoration services cover most of your damage and cleanup problems at a reasonable cost. We have a team of experienced technicians who use their wit and tools to remediate your problem immediately. To book our services, visit our website today!