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Full Service Pros specialized bio hazard cleanup services thoroughly eliminate all potentially harmful biohazards, viruses, and pathogens from affected areas to ensure your commercial or residential property is returned to a safe, livable condition. But What are bio hazards?

Bio hazard materials come from biological substances, including microorganisms, plants, animals, and their byproducts. These substances are hazardous as they can pose various diseases among the residents, making it impossible to live peacefully. Blood, bacteria, droplets, or tissues are some prominent examples of hazardous components that compromise the integrity of your property.
With over a decade of experience, our team ensures your property is properly cleaned and disinfected after a crime or trauma. We provide comprehensive cleanup and restoration services that help you regain your property in its original state. You can trust us to handle your bio hazard cleanup, repair, and restoration needs professionally.
Bio Hazard Cleanup Services

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Why Our Bio Hazard Cleaning Services?

Full Service Pros is a full-fledged company that promises to provide safe and restored property after a crime or trauma occurs. Our team of professional technicians follows a peculiar process that results in a clean, disinfected area without any trace of bio hazard or pathogens.

Our process includes
Our specialized bio hazard cleanup team handles all cases compassionately, professionally, and efficiently. We serve eloquently and can be at your doorstep within a few hours of your call.
Bio Hazard Cleanup Services

What You Do For Bio Hazard Cleanup?

Bio Hazards are life-threatening situations where you must stay alert and vigilant to prevent disease. If you suspect a pathogen in your property or a crime occurs, immediately call the police and restoration services. After the police are done with the investigation, stay out of the affected area and treat the fluids as contaminated to prevent any consequences.
Moreover, they should not try to clean the location as it is more dangerous than beneficial, and compromising the crime scene makes it difficult for police as well. Remember, before restoration, you should not touch or handle any item in the affected area. It might spread the disease more rapidly than anticipated.
Bio Hazard Cleanup

FAQs about roof tarping services

Why should I get my roof tarped after it's damaged?
Its important to tar your roof after bad weather like storms or hurricanes. This helps stop more damage to your home. The tarps act like a big cover to keep out water, mold and more until you can fix the roof properly.
A tarp can last from a few weeks to a few months. But remember its just a temporary fix. It depends on the severity of the damage, the materials used and the weather conditions. Therefore it’s crucial to get your roof fixed permanently as soon as possible.
While you could try doing it yourself, it’s better to have a professional do it. They know what they are doing and can do it safely. Plus they have the right tools and materials to make sure it works well. It’s safer and smarter to leave it to the experts.

When You Need Roof Trap Services

Roof tarping and board up services are essential when unexpected events like severe weather or accidents damage your home. Here is when you might need these services:
Fire Damage

If a fire affects your home it may weaken its structure and create holes in the roof or walls. After putting out the fire, doing emergency board up and roof tarping can stop further damage until you make repairs

Flood Damage

Whether it's from heavy rainfall or a burst pipe flooding can weaken your home's structure. Roof tarps can cover holes caused by leaks while board up services protect against further damage to walls and windows.

Severe Weather

Strong winds, hail and tornadoes can cause significant damage to roofs, windows and siding. Roof tarping and board up services can help safeguard your home from additional storm damage.


Vandals may break windows or doors leaving your home vulnerable. Board up services secure entry points until replacements are installed.


From broken windows to vehicles colliding with your home accidents can happen. Roof tarping and board up services offer temporary protection until repairs can be completed.

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Bio Hazards can be fatal if not appropriately addressed. Bio hazard cleanup services include removing, cleaning, and disinfection of blood, bodily fluids, tissues, and other harmful substances in affected areas after a death, accident, or contagious disease outbreak. You need the help of an efficient team with proper training, equipment, certification, and licensing.

Full Service Pros is a trustworthy company that has been offering reliable cleanup and restoration services for over a decade. They offer commercial and home restoration services, ensuring you live in a clean, healthy environment with your loved ones. Visit us now and fight the consequences of bio hazards with practical solutions and insightful actions.

Bio Hazard Cleanup Service

Professional Installation for Damaged Roof Tarps in South Florida

Professionals should install a roof tarp in South Florida when your roof is damaged and can’t be fixed right away. This helps lower the risk of more damage to your roof and inside your home from water. It’s not safe to try tarping your roof on your own, and doing it the right way is really important. Roof tarping is a good temporary fix to stop more harm to your home until permanent repairs can happen.

A damaged roof can be a big problem for your home so taking quick action to stop water damage is really important. At Full Service Pros we provide complete roof tarping and storm damage services all over South Florida. Our skilled team takes careful care and pays attention to all the details making sure your property stays safe throughout the process. If you have an emergency or need help just get in touch with us.