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Is your house always damp? Are you worried about your freakishly high water bill? Contact us at our service call number (954) 304-9734 and eliminate all leakage problems instantly. 

We all know leaks are our worst enemy, making our property damp and stinky while increasing our water bills massively. You need a reliable company to diagnose and fix the leaking pipes without ruining your property. You are in luck because Full Service Pros is in your area, offering premium water leak detection services at the most pocket-friendly price. 

Nobody likes coming home after a long day and finding their house full of water. This flooding can cause massive property damage and foundation wreckage, subsequently reducing your property’s value with expensive repairs. Another bad news is that most water leakages can go unnoticed for a long time until you detect an increase in your water bill or hear a constant tickling sound from your plumbing pipes.

We are here to offer high-quality detection and restoration services for leaks hidden for years. Give us a call now and receive a highly-trained team that uses the latest tools and strategies to make your home or business leak-free.

Local Leak Detection Specialist With 5 Star Reviews
Common Signs Of Water Leakage In Your Property

Common Signs Of Water Leakage In Your Property

Water leakage is a lurking enemy in our homes and offices. It stays behind walls and floors for years, and one day, they decide to show us that our property is completely wrecked. Even for most leakages, homeowners need help from underground water leak detection services, which will detect the problem using cameras. However, there are a few signs you can pay attention to and diagnose the leak before it causes any massive damage to your property.

 If your building’s floor is wet and spongy, it is a clear sign of water leakages. This constant leakage will lead to enormous damage, compromising the integrity of the property foundation and furnishings. 

You find green, pink, or black mildew spots on your walls and ceilings. This is a clear sign of continuous water leakage. Addressing this problem is vital as it can also cause severe health problems for the resident. 

Unexpected high energy bills are both emotional and monetary tolls. Get professional help immediately to identify the leakage to save money while living in a leak-free place. 

 Your water meter never stops, even when you are not using the water. Check with a professional immediately if your water meter is constantly changing figures. 

If you spot mysterious cracks in your walls, ceilings, and foundations, these are clear signs that your building is facing water leakage somewhere. Timely leak detection and repair can prevent severe structural damage.

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Why Choose Us?

Finding reliable commercial or residential water leak detection services can be stressful. Many companies offer temporary fixes that cause more harm. Full Service Pros provides effective solutions to locate and fix leaks using practical tools. You should hire us because:

  1. Non-Invasive Solutions: Our technology pinpoints leaks without damaging your property, using thermal imaging cameras and temperature sensors.
  2. Transparent Pricing: We offer cost-effective, upfront pricing after a detailed consultation based on your specific situation and property.
  3. Industry Expertise: With years of experience, we use unique strategies and state-of-the-art tools to provide effective solutions.
  4. Peace Of Mind: Our highly-trained, experienced technicians are among the best in the industry.

Are you wondering how to find us? Search “water leak detection service near me” or give us a call at our number. We will contact you and try our best to make your pipelines healthy and leak-free again.

Water Leak detection services

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Our Process For Your Leaks And Outflows

Our team understands the side effects of constant water leaks in your home or business. By getting our emergency plumbing services, you can have a complete package that makes your house dry, hygienic, and pleasant. 

We will arrive at your home or business in a timely manner, diagnose the issue, and provide efficient service. We will conduct a detailed discussion to address your concerns and objectives appropriately.

We will discuss our proposed strategy with you. If you have any confusion or queries, we will address them. Simply put, we will ensure that we exceed your expectations and that all your concerns are addressed adequately.

Our Process For Your Leaks And Outflows

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Our incomparable team has seen all kinds of water leaks and damage scenarios, making them perfect for your needs. We promise to deliver quality results, and that is where we thrive. Offering 24-hour service, we are always around you to help you fight that stubborn leak.

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Don’t let costly and temporary fixes ruin your property anymore. Full Service Pros is here with their tailored solutions and valuable strategies. You just need to pick up a phone and call us. You can also search for us online. We will be at your doorstep instantly. 

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How much does it cost to leak detected?

Every leak detection service cost varies from location to location and the extent of the deterioration. Consult your nearest plumber to get an accurate quote.

You can look for spots, damp areas, and cracks on your drywalls, ceilings, and floors to find the exact place of the leakage.

A musty odor, damp floors, cracked walls or foundations, high water bills, and mold growth can be a few signs of serious leakage in the property. 

How to detect water leaks in walls?

Look for prominent signs like discoloration, peeling paint, musty odor, or distorted walls. You can also use a moisture meter to check dampness.

Check your basement floor. If it is always damp or mushy with puddles of moldy stench, these are clear indications of underground sewer lines leakage.

If you suspect bulging floors with warm spots, you continuously hear a running water sound. These are the signs that your slab is leaking.